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Being Hyderabadi

Ten Reasons Few of Us Can Never Leave Hyderabad Ever.

Ten Reasons Few of Us Can Never Leave Hyderabad Ever.

We see many of people leave Hyderabad for studies, job and maybe just like that. But there are few who can never leave Hyderabad.

Here are the few reasons we just cant leave our city.

Food – If the Biryani is not Hyderabadi, is it even Biryani?



Cause, Irani Chai is the Queen of all times.


We just can’t give up on our nakkos kaikus and epic plurals like bookaan, phoneaan and all that.


Our crazy families are the besssstt. We just cant make it through the day without them.


kahin aur milte kya apne jasie namune?


Hyderabad ka climate is as aukaali as its people are and we love it.


Our city is very affordable, or maybe we are just happy to spend without cribbing.


I know we have our own set of crazy traffic, it is still better than Mumbai, B’lore and Delhi.


We love it when we bargain and shop, don’t we? So, yes, Charminar is the place for all steals, deals and lip smacking food.


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