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Being Hyderabadi

Apni Film Industry.

Apni Film Industry.

India has many regional films produced besides Bollywood; for example Kollywood and Tollywood. Hyderabad is home for the Telugu industry or Tollywood but it also has a lot of people who speak ‘Deccani’ which is confined to only the Hyderabad city and its people, and who take immense pride in their slang. In 2005 a movie (The Angrez) was made in Deccani slang and was quite a hit with the locals. The industry has not looked back ever since and many movies have been released in ‘Deccanwood’.

Here is the list of people who made ‘Deccanwood’ what it is today.

Aziz Naser:

Aziz Naser is an actor, writer and director. Alongside being so talented with acting and directing, he has also done voiceovers for Bollywood actors like Sonu Sood, Nana Patekar and many more. He has written dialogues for ‘The Angrez’ and ‘Hyderabad Nawabs’. And also played the role of Jahangir and Pappu.

Mast Ali:

Mast Ali is popularly known as Saleem Pheku. No points for guessing he plays the role of a pheku very aptly and there ain’t anybody who does it like him. He adds life to character so much that it gets a laughter riot and his appearance itself makes  you judge he is a very humorous person.

Adnan Sajid Khan:

Adnan Sajid Khan sounds new, nai? Mostly because we know him as Gulllu Dada. We have all seen Gullu Dada, loved the character and are contaminated with his geelamaar, aren’t we? Besides being a great comedian in Deccanwood he was also a stage singer. Yes, multitalented. He has been a part of 12 deccani movies and we are sure there are many more to come.

Abrar Khan and Shahrukh K Adnan:

Like father, like sons. Yes, these talented boys are Adnan Sajid Khan’s sons, who have a popular YouTube channel in Hyderabadi slang. They played major roles in a recent Deccani movie called Dubai return. Also, you should listen to Abrar Khan sing. He is blessed with a beautiful voice.

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