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Being Hyderabadi – Blog


Things You Didn’t Know About Pista House.

Things You Didn’t Know About Pista House.

Pista House was established by Mohd Abdul Majeed in 1997. The journey of his success is inspiring for today’s generation. There was a time when he had only two options left, either to flee the city or suicide because of a media report in the newspaper in Oct 1997 about a person suffering health problem after eating a food item from Pista House Bakery. It took away everything from him as his bank loans mounted & he had to sell six buildings
from his father’s property & his car to clear the loans.

His relatives and friends also looked away. They stopped inviting him for functions fearing he would ask for a loan. He used to walk to Pista House Bakery whereas his employees used to come on bikes. But he neither fled nor took the extreme step. He determined to earn back respect from the same business in which he lost everything. With self-confidence to prove & fight with his hard times, he got an idea of selling Haleem in 1998 as he felt it was a gift from Allah. Because of the bakery incident, he decided not to compromise on quality. Since then, there was no looking back for him and now Pista House is the largest Haleem Seller in the world.

He is a very generous & kind hearted man. 70 percent of his earnings are donated for weddings of poor girls and education of the underprivileged. His journey clearly exemplifies that failures are nothing but stepping stones to success.

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