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What Type Of foodie Are You?

What Type Of foodie Are You?

Since the very beginning of the world, food is something everybody has been greedy about. Don’t we all love good food and good sleep?  I am sure we all do. However, we have different types of foodies around. Spot your foodie friend in the list below and tag them.

The ‘Wanna be’ foodie.

These are the type of foodies who have their Intsa bio that reads foodie but eats only once a day.

The ‘Dekha dekhi’ foodie.

This kinda foodies are the ones who eat just because everybody around is eating.

The Specific foodie.

The ones who are very picky when it comes to food and you only see his/her foodie side when the food is of his/her choice.

The Besharam foodie.

This type of foodie’s stomach is like a dustbin. This person can eat anything and everything you serve. Also, eats like a Kumbkaran.

The Experimental foodie.

Count people who want to try new things every time they are out. Cause, same old thing every time is just so boring.

The Generous Foodie, who wants to stuff everybody.

The people who want you to eat as much as they eat. Feeding people makes them happy. TBH, they are the sadist types. Over stuffing is mostly like a saza for people who have less appetite.

The show off foodie.

This kinda people eat only to show off on Instagram. They are often seen taking food pictures every time you’re out with them. All I want to tell you is if you really want to share, please share real food not the pictures.

 ‘I am on diet’ foodie.

These people are always on a diet, but can’t hold back when they see food. When they see food, they eat it.  And they drink diet coke after a huge meal.

The kanjoos foodie.

People who never pay for their food and eat everything others order. We all hate you.

The sniffer.

They follow their nose. They sniff good food and they go eat it.


Well, no matter what kind of foodie you are, all we got to say is that there is plenty of great food you still need to explore. So eat good food and enjoy!

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