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Being Hyderabadi – Blog

Being Hyderabadi – Blog

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For all the foodies, Hyderabad is the place. Hyderabad, the city of Nizams, has many droolsome dishes to serve you. From the world famous Biryani to Double ka Meetha that leaves you spellbound. Even though the city has N-number of best dishes here is a brief list of few that are a must try and are easily available.


Biryani is synonymous to Hyderabad. And Hyderabad serves the world’s best biryani. Made with mutton or chicken it has a rich taste that takes you to another world. It is usually served with dahi ki chatni(yogurt with onions and salt) and mirchion ka salan. Mirchion ka salan, is a speciality, you get exclusively in Hyderabad that enhances your biryani in the best way.


Haleem, the dish you mostly get during Ramadan is a world famous Hyderabadi delicacy. Nights in Ramadan are lit, and Haleem is the show stopper. Made with lentils, meat and spices this dish is worth every penny. Even though this dish is Ramadan special you can still get it at selected places all year long.

Nihari Paya:

A typical day in Hyderabad starts with Nihari paya and naan. Lamb trotters, ghee, oil and a lot of spices go in to making of nihari paya. Sounds exciting already, doesn’t it? So, when in Hyderabad do like the Hyderabadis! Start your day with some Nihari. It will surely help you to get through the day easily.


Marag is a lamb starter that prepares you for the meal. Marag made with tender mutton and dry fruits, is perfect way to slip into your meal. It tastes mild but is extremely flavoursome. It is usually served with naan.

Patthar ka Gosht:

This is a starter, made by heating meat on a stone. All the spices are mixed with mutton and then cooked on the stone, which makes it one of its kinds. Isn’t that enough exciting for you to go try this out, already?

Sheek Kabab:

Is there anybody in the world who can ever say no to kabab? Here’s what goes in to making Sheek kabab, minced meat and a truck load of spices are instantly marinated and grilled over charcoal. Now that must have made you drool. So go grab a bite now!

Khatti daal:

Hello all you veggies. Here’s what Hyderabad has for you, Khatti Daal. It is going to add tadka to your Plain Jane day with some tamarind that puts an end to all the cravings you have been having.  Non-veggies can have it with some talawa gosh on the side.

Talawa Gosht:

Talwa gosht, spicy shallow-fried boneless mutton with spices, is a go-to dish for all the non-veggies. It’s very appetizing and is preferred with roti and dal chawal. It is usually garnished with mint leaves which make it enticing.

Shami kabab:

One can amplify their meal by adding Shami kabab. Shami is a patty made with meat, lentils and spices.  There are no rules to eating this. You can have it with Dal chawal, roti or maybe just like that.


Shikampur belongs to the shami family. It’s a meat patty stuffed with onions, green chilli and yogurt paste. Shikampur is something you can snack on or eat as a starter.


Kheema as the name suggests is minced red meat, you can try anytime anywhere. Kheema is also used as a filling in samosas, cause, aalu in samosa always is so boring. You can also have it with dal chawal, roti or naan.

Khichdi, Khatta and Kheema:

Here is a combo that’s going to sort your Sunday brunch. Khichdi, which is usually boring, is served with khatta and kheema to make unusually interesting. Khatta is sieved tamarind water with green chillies and onions swimming in it.  So, have some khichdi, kheema and khatta and add some chatka in your Sundays.



Chakna , a Hyderabadi speciality  is something only the hardcore foodies would enjoy. It’s a stew made with goat tripe. Despite it being not everybody’s cup of tea, you should surely give it a try once.

Qubani :

Calling all you sweet tooths to have some qubani. Made with dry apricots this is the dessert you have wanted to have all your life. Qubani with ice cream on the top is match made in heaven. Try it for some major foodgasm.

Double ka meetha:

Can a boring thing like bread make anything which would catch your attention? The answer is, yes. Hyderabad has made it possible for you with just bread, sugar syrup and milk. Double ka meetha is the best to end your meal with.

Kaddu ki kheer:

Bread-check, now it’s time to make kaddu(bottle gourd) interesting. Made with grated kaddu, milkmaid, saffron and sugar this is a recipe from the heaven. Not enough? Try with some chopped dry fruits as topping.

Irani chai:   

Your trip would not be complete without a cup of Irani Chai. Made with a larger quantity of milk, it is sure to blow your mind with just the first sip. This beverage would get you back to life after a long day or helps you kick start your mornings. Hyderabadis are always a little greedy when it comes to eating, so, their very own osmania biscuit compliments it to make the beverage fascinating.

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