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Being Hyderabadi – Blog

Being Hyderabadi – Blog

Being Hyderabadi

Ain’t Nobody Like Hyderabadis.

Ain’t Nobody Like Hyderabadis.

We Hyderabadis are really special with our unique lifestyle and our ‘I don’t give a rats ass’ attitude. What makes us stand out  is how we react differently in different situations in life than the usually ones.

S0, we at ILBH made Baigan Bhai express how a hydro  would in different situations.


We cross road like its our bawa ki road.


We’re zero tolerance to non-sense.


We are gutsy like this.


We wear our hearts on our sleeve. *very much dil-phek type we’re*


We just cant do mornings, period.


Always, self sufficient.


No chai without Osmania biscuit.


Hyderabad ki hawa mein masti hai saahib, isse kaise rokoge?


Hello na wello jo kaam hai jaldi jaldi bolo.


Aiittee, aisa bole toh tareef karre jaisa dikhaa.

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