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Being Hyderabadi

Ten Things You Need To Know About India’s Richest Man.

Ten Things You Need To Know About India’s Richest Man.

Hyderabad Nizam Osman Ali Khan is the richest Indian who ever lived. He was Nizam of Hyderabad from 1886-1967, with personal worth $236 billion. He is ranked 6th among the world’s richest people of all time.

Here are 10 things you should know about Osman Ali Khan.

He was the only supplier of diamonds for global market.

It was during his rule electricity was introduced railways, roads and airways were developed.

He was on times magazine cover for February 22 1937. For being the world’s richest.

He used Jacob diamond, a 185 carat diamond as paper weight.

He built Osmania University, the Osmania general Hospital the High Court and other institutions.

He also built the Hyderabad House in Delhi, now used for diplomat meetings by Government of India.

In 1947 the Nizam made a gift of diamond jewels and a necklace for Queen Elizabeth on the occasion of her marriage.

He paid for Royal Australian navy vessel, the N-class destroyer, HMAS Nizam commissioned in 1940.

He had 50 Rolls Royce cars, which include a Barker- Coach built Rolls Royce Silver Ghost acquired in 1912.

It is said that his pearls collection could fill up an Olympic size swimming pool.

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