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Being Hyderabadi – Blog


Take Care This Holi.

Take Care This Holi.

We’re all set for Holi, ain’t we? Even though we enjoy every bit of time spent during Holi the colours on our body are a li’l harsh.

So, here are few tips to stay pretty during and after Holi.


Oil your Hair

The colour is going make your hair very dry to avoid that do oil your hair before playing Holi.


Moisturize your body

Use good amount of body butter to keep your skin hydrated. Or body oils could also help. It also helps in getting off the color easily.


Don’t forget your sunscreen

Sunscreen is a must when you’re playing Holi outdoors, period.


Braid your hair

Don’t let your hair down, braid them or put them in a bun. Actually, bandana kis din kaam aayega? So, suit yourself. 😉


Trim your nails

You wouldn’t want to have dirty pink nails for a month, right? Trim them and apply Vaseline on the tips of your fingers.


Take care of your lips

Lip chap is a must. Lip chap with spf is even better. Cause, there is a lot we do with our lips… I mean talking. 😉


Wear clothes that don’t absorb water

Wear Lycra clothing or something that just doesn’t absorb water very quickly.


Don’t wear denims

Denims get heavy as it absorbs a lot of water. So, avoid denims while playing Holi.


Protect your eyes

You must not wear contact lenses. If you’re playing Holi outdoors, put-on some cool shades.


Keep yourself hydrated

Drink lots of water and stay Hydrated the sun is too harsh in Hyderabad.


Happy Holi, y’ll. Have fun!!

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