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Get Your Kaam Done.

Get Your Kaam Done.

There is one secret all the successful people have in common, that is, they stay organized. They have their goals set and they work according to that. So, what are you waiting for? Organize your life, and see how everything falls into place.
Keeping your life organized will help you stay happy and relaxed. It makes you more productive and confident. Nobody is born as an organized person,one has to develop few habits and ditch few.
Organizing life can be easier by following few good habits. Here are few things you should be doing.
• Clean and organize your space. Maintaining cleanliness will help you concentrate and keep you healthy. After cleaning is done, organize things according to priority.

• Planners and calendars are a must have. Mark important dates and tasks that will help you keep a track of what you have to do in that month and week accordingly.
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• Make ‘to do’ lists. Grab a book and write all that is to be done in a day. Don’t trust your memory, pen down a detailed list and strike off once it’s done.

• Work with a deadline. Working with a dead line will make you work with more dedication and will consume less time.

•Keep it simple. you need not overburden yourself. Do only seven tasks a day. Get rid of the worst task first and then continue with the list.

• Work hard. When you work for it, you achieve it. Don’t stop when you’re tired, stop when you’re done.


There are few things you have to give up to stay organized. Try not to indulge in the following.

• Don’t procrastinate. The more you delay work the more difficult it gets to finish it later. Get things done as soon as possible if not you’ll have to rush to meet the deadline.

• Don’t book yourself 100%. Do not make long lists and over occupy yourself. Keep yourself free for the unannounced work that might knock at any moment.

• Don’t be hasty. Like they say “haste is enemy of perfection”. Make sure when you are dividing work give enough time for every task that is to be done. Rushing on to things might not give you the desired result.

• Don’t hit snooze button. Though it is difficult for you to wake up in the morning, don’t over sleep. Over sleeping will affect your sleep cycle which affects the routine too.

• Don’t give up. Do not underestimate yourself. Be optimistic and work on things. Just in case you feel like giving up, think about your goal and try reaching it.

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