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Signs That You’re a Shopaholic.

Signs That You’re a Shopaholic.

The thing that gets you most excited is shopping. For, the confidence it gives you is the best to boost our self esteem, instantly. So, next time when you’re questioning your self esteem you know what you should be doing. Now that online shopping has made it easy, things you want to buy are just a click away at the best of your comfort level. Online shopping is the greatest blessing for the couch potatoes.

You know you love shopping when you do most of the things listed below.

Spending all the money you have.

You don’t keep a count when you spend on shopping, it is as necessary as food. You go shopping and you end up buying almost everything you like. You’re the person who would not see the price tag. You’d only know how much you spent when you have no money left.

Every morning you need new clothes.

You only have two problems in life – nothing to wear and room full of clothes. Yes, you’re that closet full of nothing types. Life gets boring when you repeat. Fresh and new stuff gives you the kick. New clothes for you are like coffee is to a non-morning person. It wakes you up to face the world.

Sweating while you shop totally counts as exercise.

Don’t you think shopping is underrated; it is not easy as others think it is. Specially when you have a tight budget. You’re always like, “I think I should try the white one…No , no no.. wait.. I think black one is better..Hmm.. Actually I’ll try them both.” Trying out dozens of clothes makes you hell tired. You have taken many life changing decisions but while shopping you become the most indecisive person. And, if you’re a person who ends up in every store in the mall to try out everything before you buy it. You know it is equal to 50 squats.


Yes, yes, yes, shopping is a therapy.

Undergoing a breakup?  Low grades? Got into a fight with mom? You should probably go shopping, that is going to make things right. Shopping will fix all the damage that have been caused and helps you to move on.  And, even if you’re broke, go out for window shopping. Window shopping is like reading the manual before using the product. It is like a study for shopaholics.


You were to buy a bag….

You have gone out to buy a bag, instead you got three tee shirts, two flip flops, and three pairs of jeans. You always do this. There is no limit to what you want to buy and you never keep a check of things you have already bought. You are a person who would not buy it because you need it; you just buy it because it crossed your mind.



Your motto is “work hard, so you can shop harder.”

You work your ass off for the things you want to buy. You know you’re high maintenance and all you have to do is work hard for whatever you need. And, you go like “I like all my money hanging in my closet and floating around in my home.”

Doesn’t interest you anymore.

You wanted to buy a thing and you finally got it. Now that you have it with you it has lost its value and is not as important as it was before. No, you also do not want to dispose it because you once wanted it badly.


Sales are your best friends.

You love sales! You wait for it all the time. When sales are on – your Ninja mode is on. You rush to almost all the stores to grab everything possible. But then, when you see a thing on sale which you already got for full price, it is going to haunt you for life. “I paid 60% more for this? I should have waited for this sale.”


Online shopping is your thing.

There is nothing as comforting as online shopping is, you can shop in pjs. You can shop 24/7 without the pain of moving. Things you want to buy are just a click away. You get all you need at your door step. Online shopping is like a gift from you to yourself.


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