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Ten things you should do to stay motivated during exams.

Ten things you should do to stay motivated during exams.

Select a study space.

Choose to study in a place where it is not extremely comfortable like bed or place that is not at all comfortable like just a chair.


Clean your space.

Cleaner and organized space will help you concentrate more. Messy desk is a big no no.


Study material.

Make sure you have all the study material ready at least three days before your exams.


Stock up on study supplies:

You should have pen pencils papers highlighters and sticky notes handy.


Remove distractions:

Remove all kind of negative thoughts, just let go off any thing that is bothering you and focus only on studying.


Switch off your phone.


This one seems like the toughest one. But trust me turn off your phone and nobody can stop you from achieving straight A’s


Wear comfortable clothes.  

Your clothes should not be something that is taking away you concentration. Wear something that is comfortable


Stay hydrated.

Drinking water improves concentration and makes you more productive. So, keep taking small sips and also eat some fruits and nuts.


Take small breaks.

Don’t just sit and study for too long take small breaks or maybe a power nap could do wonders.


Study step by step.

Make a time table and then study according to that. Get done with the tough things first and then proceed with the easier ones.

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