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Being Hyderabadi – Blog

Being Hyderabadi – Blog


Judgement All We Women Drivers Get.

Judgement All We Women Drivers Get.

While speeding-who are we to speed; we are not supposed to drive fast.

On road -let’s over take, she won’t be able drive fast, lets honk to trouble and set the way clear.

While parking-she won’t be able to do it.

On signals-it’s a women driver, beside let’s stare, how did she end up on driving seat?

On highways-no, no u can’t land on highway roads they ain’t safe for you

she learns driving it’s a big achievement if a man learns, he is just another driver.

Besides all this judgement we love our car, it’s our little store room, that is the where we almost do our make, morning coffee and a lot more happens in the car.  All is all car is home away from home.

Also, we love it when guys come and help us, in case the car breaks down.

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