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Childhood Games From Nineties.

Childhood Games From Nineties.

Kids these days don’t know how much fun it was playing outdoors. We had real friends not the friends from clash of clans. It was fun to run around the terrace, chase and knock our friend down. And, when friend comes to chase, we’d end up saying time please. Talking about the indoor games chits and bored games were a lot of fun.
Tag your cheater friends who were your partner in crime during your childhood and relive the memories.
This was one go to game we would play as children. It has one person chasing the other players, who would touch and shout ‘out’ and then that player would become denner. And the denner was decided by “oo tup… In pin safety pin in pin out out goes the safety pin in pin out.”

Zameen Phathar.
This was a game when the denner had to go touch the runners when they are not standing on the phathar.

Chain cut.
In this game, the denner would touch the players and the player would join her/him in the chain. Longer the chain-greater the fun.

In this game, denner keeps touching the runners and the touched player would freeze until somebody from the runners side would come and give the freezed person shock.

Hide and seek.
Do I need to explain this?

This has two teams one team stacks up seven stones and breaks it and then the other teams finds the ball and tries to hit the other team players while they are rearranging the stones. If the team successfully arranges the stones they cheer lingoncha.

This game had two teams. One team sits in a chain and one player from the other team is being chased in circles around the chain. The denner can tap on one of his team mates and make him chase the runner.

This is an indoor game played with chits where in the police has to find the chor. Different chits have different points.

Galli Cricket.
We used to find all the boys from the galli playing cricket every day. It was fun to break window glasses, I guess…as long as we were not caught.

Maraam pitti.
In this game we had to hit the other players with ball. This game was mostly for the badalas you had to take with your friends.

Snake and ladder.
This was the one bored game we loved playing. Don’t we all still have our snake and ladder bored at home which doubles as ludo?

With games like these we had amazing childhood,  na?


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