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Being Hyderabadi – Blog


Nineties and Kites.

Nineties and Kites.

Sankranti is around the corner and I still see the sky empty. I remember as a kid during nineties the sky would have been full of colourful kites, terrace full cheerful smiles and a lot more. Let me talk you through what used to happen during our bachpan and make you feel a li’l nostalgic.

Kite shopping:

We would go kite shopping with our friends and spend all the saved up money to buy the best kites, and we would usually end up buying pink manja or gajari. Gajari was my personal favourite.

Funny names for kites:

There were different type of kites with different names like dulha and dulhan. Only if I could tell you how amazing it felt when we would chase dusron ki dulhan kite.

Music system on terrace:

Music adds masti to every occasion, doesn’t it? We would always put up music system and would enjoy music with the kite flying sessions.

Kala kawa kat khaye obsession:

Sankarti has this special playlist with ‘Kala kawa’ being the most played followed by ‘Lawaris (apni toh jaise taise)’. Now it has been replaced with Yo Yo Honey Singh songs.

Live commentary:

Somebody from the locality would do commentary which made the kite flying way more interesting.

Cheering and celebration:

There is nothing like shouting, ‘kaate’,  ‘aur ek pila’, ‘nai hai toh mang ke pila’ and ‘lapat’. We always like doing that jalae pe namak wala thing, don’t we? Sadist zamana.

Little sibling would have a new job.

You would always give you choti behan or bhai the charak to hold it. In case the kite is cut, it’s all because of you sibling.


We don’t mind the tan at all.  Every evening you enter the home after flying the kites mummy would be like, “kaala hogaya, boli mai nakko jao bolke.” But do we care? ‘NO.’

Food?  Water?  Who needs that?

No, we’re not at all hungry and no, we need no water. All we were interested in was flying kites all day.

Happy Sankartri, you all. Have fun. From team ILBH.

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