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Being Hyderabadi – Blog


A Cop or A Hero In Uniform

A Cop or A Hero In Uniform

An office in Masab Tank caught fire yesterday morning from the cables above the false ceiling. It is said that nearly 60 people were in the building when this mishap happened and few people were stuck in building  as in a state of panic they did not know how to get down. Calls were made to the fire fighters and police was informed. That is when Mr Bheem Rao , a constable of Humanyun nagar helped people come out of the building and moved the gas cylinder out of the office so that the fire does not spread more. He almost saved 20 lives or maybe more as he removed the gas cylinder which is highly inflammable.


In this fast moving earth we see very less humanity and concern people have on each other. Act of kindness is very rare to find. However, this police constable gives us a hope that there is still humanity left this world.


We would like to thank Mr Bheem Rao for doing his duty so religiously and saving dozens of lives.


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