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Being Hyderabadi – Blog


How Safe Is Hyderabad?

How Safe Is Hyderabad?

The Bengaluru mass molestation which has shaken the nation made me question about how safe our city is. I was travelling back from Bengaluru to Hyderabad on 31st night with my mom and our flight landed at 11:30pm. I remember my Bengalurean cousin asking me on way-“Who is coming to pick you up?”We tell him we are on our own; we’d mostly take a cab back home.  He then asks is it safe for women to travel alone during night. We go like, yes, Hyderabad is very safe.

But is it actually safe? Without a doubt, YES! What makes me say that you ask? We had taken a cab way back home, the express way and all the flyovers were shut on the New Years Eve. We had to take a longer route to get back home. On our way, we got a li’l chatty with the cabbie, who tells us about how the New Year’s celebration is going on a in the city. And, he talks about how good people of Hyderabad are. We couldn’t agree more.

We did see boys and girls on road shouting New Year slogans and some of them having family time. I did happen to see a girl on bike, fearless and as normal as she would be during any morning hour. No boy or man around went on cat calling or teasing her or make her feel uncomfortable with judgemental looks. Also, the city had a lot of police around to help people celebrating New Year.

Time and again, we see how Hyderabad Traffic Police and She team is always there to help us when needed.

I, as a Hyderabadi girl feel very safe in and around my city. Thank you, men and boys to make us feel safe and even helping us. I hope this continues to stay for eternity.  Cheers to being Hyderabadi.


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