About US

I love being Hyderabadi, is a celebration of the very unique & quirky spirit our city possess. It is a tribute to the old-world charm which makes the city & its people unmatchable till date. At ILBH, we aim to reach out to all the hardcore Hyderabadis & spread the essence of being one, with our range of exclusive merchandise. The designs are unique, humourous and at the same time have an out-and-out Hyderabadi flavor with the typical lingo which instantly connects with the youth.
ILBH, a venture started by a proud Hyderabadi, has a vision to be a brand exclusive & close to every born Hyderabadi not only with its merchandise, but with an online magazine which will keep the people connected to their city. It will be a guide to everything that’s happening in the city and at the same time take forward the charm & liveliness. All for the love of Hyderabad!